Court Furniture
Courtroom Furniture

Ratigan-Schottler is a national leader in the courtroom furniture market. We provide a complete line of courtroom furniture nationwide.

Courtroom Furniture

Custom Courtroom Furniture

Ratigan-Schottler offers a complete line of beautifully crafted courtroom furniture. All of our designs can be custom modified to meet your design requirements. Although Red Oak has been the traditional choice for courtroom furniture because of its natural beauty, strength and durability, other hardwoods can be used such as Maple, Cherry, Mahogany, Birch, along with many others. All of our woods are hand selected.

All benches come with many standard features including solid oak end and center supports and a choice of solid oak ends. All benches with upholstery have been engineered with removable seats and backs for easy future re-upholstering.

We produce a wide range of standard solid oak bench bodies. If you’re not successful in finding what you are looking for in our catalog, or have a custom design in mind, we are experts in producing custom benches from simple to complex.

We provide an exceptional selection of beautiful solid oak bench ends. All ends are constructed out of the finest Northern grown solid Red Oak available. Any end can be modified to meet your design requirements. All ends can be used on any bench body. Because all of our ends are constructed out of solid oak, special symbols can be routed or laser engraved into the bench end. Decorative shaper cuts, which are cut onto the outside or inside perimeter of the bench end are available and recommended not only to provide a nice finished touch but also to protect the edge of the bench ends. Our expert designers will work with you to develop both the functional and aesthetic aspect of your furniture requirements.

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