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Solid Wood Pews.

Ratigan-Schottler manufactures the only Solid Oak Pews available on the market. Our pews are constructed out of the finest northern grown solid red oak available using our exclusive solid pew construction techniques. Other pew companies use thin oak veneers over scored particle board to produce their pew backs.

Creative. Design.

Ratigan-Schottler provides a complete range of professional design services. All projects are field verified and detailed shop drawings are provided for your review and approval prior to the production of the furniture. This process assures that the completed installation of your beautiful furniture will be exactly as planned and will fit perfectly according to the seating plan. Great skill and care are taken by our installation crews to make sure aisles align properly and the completed installation is perfect. Our attention to every detail throughout the process guarantees that everything will be completed to your satisfaction.

Design. Build.

Ratigan- Schottler's designers and craftsmen have unlimited abilities to custom design and build your furniture. We can also duplicate any existing pew end or pew body.

Church Furniture.

Ratigan-Schottler offers a complete line of beautifully crafted solid Red Oak pews. All of our pew designs can be custom modified to meet your design requirements. Although Red Oak has been the traditional choice for church furniture because of its natural beauty, strength and durability, other hardwoods can be used such as: Maple, Cherry, Mahogany, Birch, along with many others. All pews come with many standard features including solid oak continuous rear mounted bookracks, solid oak end and center supports and a choice of solid oak pew ends. All pews with upholstery have been engineered with removable seats and backs for easy future reupholstering.

Talk to Us.

We thank you for your interest in our beautiful furniture and hope that we have the opportunity to work with you. Please don't hesitate to contact us on our toll free number listed below with any questions or if you would like to arrange for a meeting. Our skilled, trained professional sales consultants are available to assist you in your furniture selection process. Again, thank you for considering Ratigan-Schottler Manufacturing.