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About Our Church Restoration

Complete Furniture Restoration

Dedicated to preserving the historic beauty of your church furniture, Ratigan-Schottler provides a wide array of church restoration services. For over seven decades we have offered our services to all denominations. Our expertise, combined with our passion for the work, continues to create durable, beautiful products that bring out or re-create the furniture's former splendor.

We provide complete church pew refinishing services. We also restore historic pew ends. This option is good for churches wanting to conserve the original style of their pews while adding the comfort and strength of a new pew body. In addition, we provide chancel restoration and can re-create or design beautiful High Altars, or other custom furniture to match existing furnishings.

Our historic church restoration maintains the integrity of the furniture's original design with detailed re-creation of hand carvings, if necessary. With all of our projects, we take the time needed to apply a high level of detail to produce quality furniture that will last for generations. If you're looking to refinish your pews or other furniture, please call us at 800-383-1000. One of our restoration specialists will provide you with information, pricing and will answer any questions you have.


Church Restoration Project


St. Francis Xavier, St. Joseph, MO.


Latest news

The Nation's First Cathedral

Ratigan-Schottler recently completed work at our nation's oldest Cathedral, The Basilica of the Assumption in Baltimore, MD.

Featured projects

The Basilica of the Assumption in Baltimore, MD.

The Basilica of the Assumption in Baltimore, MD.

St. Francis Xavier, St. Joseph, MO. New Altar designed to match original furnishings.

Restored Pew End with new seating

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Sacramento, CA. Historic pew end from 1887, fully restored and installed on a new pew seat and back.